Collection: The Storybook - test

Your Story, Our Pages. Blank Novels for the Writer’s Wit. Adorned with our signature ink city sketches, the blank pages of our big white notebook await your creative fables.

The Notebook Episodes

* Minimalism in Notebooks
Each mini series of our notebooks and diaries is designed keeping exclusivity and authenticity of our artworks in mind.

* Novel like Notebooks
Breaking the stereotype with notebooks that look like storybooks. Multifunctional in nature, they can be used as sketchpads for the artist on the go, or a travel diary for the backpacker.

* Frame the Notebooks
We love creating notebooks with cover stories that can be framed ! A great way to reuse your notebook, just frame the cover for a corner on your bookshelf!

The boxyfont StudioBook is a wonderful ally for anybody looking to push the limits of their creativity. The StudioBook is an elite art journal and sketchbook designed in a comfortable A5, carry-in-your-bag size! It is crafted with a subtle color palette and takes care of the ever evolving needs of creative professionals.

Created with authentic artistic appeal and local craftsmanship, the Studiobook has been launched in 3 hand sketched animal themed covers making up the Wilderness Series. This is the ultimate sketchbook for artists and creative professionals seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. An ode to literature through the designs inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the boxyfont Studiobooks await your design dreams!