Collection: The Storybook

Your Story, Our Pages. Blank Novels for the Writer’s Wit. Adorned with our signature ink city sketches, the blank pages of our big white notebook await your creative fables.

The Notebook Episodes

Minimalism in Notebooks
Each mini series of our notebooks and diaries is designed keeping exclusivity and authenticity of our artworks in mind.

Novel like Notebooks
Breaking the stereotype with notebooks that look like storybooks. Multifunctional in nature, they can be used as sketchpads for the artist on the go, or a travel diary for the backpacker.

Frame the Notebooks
We love creating notebooks with cover stories that can be framed ! A great way to reuse your notebook, just frame the cover for a corner on your bookshelf!

Storybooks & Story Writing with Boxyfont!

The boxyfont Storybook has been at the centre of the studio’s design story. Crafted to look like our favourite classic novels, this big white blank storybook resembles a material ready to be painted with creative mind and inventiveness. With our signature ink sketches of cityscapes on the monochrome cover, fine artist paper pages and sized a bit larger than your A5 notebooks, these creative blank books for writers, is one of our best-sellers.

From creating memories out of travel trips, to writing anecdotes as a daily routine, the storybook can act as your best friend, keeping your favourite secret in one safe space. It’s artistic covers are frame-worthy, and the theme has been inspired by the artist’s own travel memories, making the live sketches a part of the cover art for this set titled “A Tale of Three Cities”.

At the boxyfont studio, our aim is to make you grab your pen, use the strokes of your pencil, or uncap your favourite ink pen to start writing and give life to characters, feelings, and experiences. Each turn of its thick pages holds the prospects of fresh beginnings, unanticipated twists and turns, and happy endings. Pen down your fables as a writer and turn our blank story book into a medium through which you can escape the clutter of the online world! Write, draw and dream with your creative mind and let yourself unwind with the boxyfont Storybooks!

Love for Local & Handmade Products

The Story Behind Our BestSelling Diary

With the era of Make in India and the promotion of homegrown, indigenous brands, there is a loyalty of consumers towards products that are made by locally sourced materials or handmade by artisans, thus boosting the skill of small and medium enterprises as well as cottage industries. Shop local and make a difference across a complete chain of enterprises that work together to bring you the final product.

Boxyfont believes in sourcing materials from local SME’s and creating an ecosystem that is beneficial for the artisan as well as our studio. Our products are a combination of being a handmade notebook in terms of the process of binding and pasting coupled with the technology involved in printing each handmade notebook. Handsketched designs, premium quality binding and printing, done locally to help promote SME’s and local craftspeople.

The handmade Kraft paper that binds one of our best-selling handmade notebook i.e. the Kraftbook - Typefont Series, is a great example of how a simple design is elevated using materials that are locally sourced and craftsmanship of our skilful craftspeople to create an artistic handmade notebook, which is more than just a minimal brown bundle. The textures and colors vary in each of these buttery brown journals, as the Kraft paper cover of each handmade notebook may vary due to the lot used. That’s the beauty of a handmade notebook. Though more expensive than the wholesale notebooks available at a local stationery store, a handmade notebook has a charm that most writers and artists prefer! Just like our hand drawn designs that are printed onto our stationery, each Kraft cover is made handmade Kraft paper that is 300GSM thick and sturdy enough to be your travel companion.

To experience the process of creating a handmade notebook on site is a wonderful sight to behold. The amount of time and effort that it takes to create products that come to life through the workmanship of our local craftspeople is awe-inspiring. The skill of these artisans, the patience involved in making each pieces what makes our collection of Kraft paper diaries more special! The satisfaction that brand gets by creating an environment with its partners, all homegrown and local in their origins, is immense. has been designed to make these novels writing notebooks look like novels themselves.

We love that our customers understand that the process of designing and creating a handmade notebook is what sets us apart from wholesale products, the hand sketched artworks, being a major part of our branding and USP. We also source our packaging from local vendors instead of using wholesale, cheaper quality, imported products, thus promoting small businesses across India. Being India Proud is what we aim for. When you shop local, you create a chain reaction that benefits the producer, vendor and the artisan, which is why a handmade notebook from boxyfont, printed and bound locally, is worthy of your personal library of stationery !