Collection: The Studiobook

Splashed with our studio’s favourite color palette, the Studiobook is the perfect companion for your artistic needs. Bound with fine artist paper & ready to be scribbled with your inspiring ideas on the go!

Unlock Your Creativity with Our Studiobooks : Design on the go!

The artist’s desk, a set of travel notebooks & our studio walls, are etched with thoughts + moodboards that define each capsule collection of our notebooks & diaries.

A notebook that can double up as a writer’s journal or a thinker’s scrapbook.

We want you to create your own moodboards or use the notebook as a recipe book with illustrations that we loved to discover in story books.

Explore a world of inspiration with our unique journals and notebooks. The StudioBook collection is crafted for novel writing—a perfect blend of creativity and quality.

Your notebook will now be an artistic place for your thoughts to reside in.

They Look Like Novels : The Story of Our Premium Studiobook Notebooks

The boxyfont StudioBook is a wonderful ally for anybody looking to push their limits of their creativity. The StudioBook is an elite art journal and sketchbook designed in a comfortable A5, carry-in-your-bag size! It is crafted with a subtle color palette and takes care of the ever evolving needs of creative professionals.

Created with authentic artistic appeal and local craftsmanship, the Studiobook has been launched in 3 hand sketched animal themed covers making up the Wilderness Series. This is the ultimate sketchbook for artists and creative professionals seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. An ode to literature through the designs inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the boxyfont Studiobooks await your design dreams!

Dive into the World of Our Unique Notebooks & Journals

Stationery that Speaks to You!

In the world of social media and online blogging, there are many of us who crave the feeling of flipping pages as we write or draw. For artists and people who love art in all it's various forms, paper is a medium that never gets old. That is what we aim to provide to our patrons. Capsule series of unique notebooks and journals that speak through their cover art.

There is a dearth of unique journals or sketchbooks in the market. Most cover designs are either plain and lack artistic elements or have repetitive artworks that are copied off the internet. At boxyfont, the concept of novel writing notebooks has evolved from this very problem, the solution of which is creating artist authentic cover art on notebooks that are more than just a medium to take notes.

Why should novels have wonderful cover designs? Why do notebooks look so boring? To boost creativity, our novel writing notebooks have been etched with hand sketched intricate drawings, in the form of mini series, to make it easier for you to choose a particular type of notebook.

Not Just Notebooks ! That’s what we at boxyfont love to call our collection of premium and unique notebooks and journals. They might be plain but these unique journals are crafted locally with high quality paper and cover materials, making it a piece of art that you can carry with you at all times.

Take the Studiobook - Wilderness Series for instance. These have been assigned to act as sketchbooks for architects or ideation pads for students. It can also be used as a novel writing notebook. The A5 size is a standard and convenient shape for your backpack and the artwork on the cover has been designed to make these novels writing notebooks look like novels themselves. It’s a great gift for young authors or creative/content writers. For people who have a special place for stationery, searching for unique notebooks and journals can be a time taking task. Trusting the quality and uniqueness is crucial. At boxyfont, we focus on these two aspects whenever we create a series of our unique journals. Each series is seen as a capsule collection with theme based cover art inspired by personal stories and journeys of our founder and artist. Explore our website which is also designed like an art gallery for you to soak in the uniqueness of our collection of novel writing notebooks and diaries. From your travel stories to your daily routine to do lists, writing in any form will be more fun and relaxing when you pick up one of our contemporary and classic stationery sets.

Stationery never looked so good. Each with a different story, each with a personal note form our artist’s desk, makes these unique notebooks and journals different from what you usually find in the market. With cover art that is worth framing and paper quality that is suitable for writing, drawing or sketching! You take your pick from boxyfont’s finest signature collection of unique notebooks and journals.