Collection: The Kraftbook

Black & Brown, Dear Diary is in Town!
Crafted with a striking black closure band & poetry book aesthetics, this rustic DIY diary will make you want to jot down your daily dreams ! 

The Custom Culture

Our notebooks are designed as capsule collections as our focus is on the art.

To get customised set of notebooks and diaries for corporate gifting bundles or commissioned art prints, connect with us and we can work our aesthetic into your moodboard.

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The Vintage Journal Story

Our KraftBook is a unique and innovative notebook designed to elevate your writing experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it combines the vintage characteristics of a classic journal with the versatility of a modern-day smart notebook.

The combination of these design attributes results in a remarkable kraft daily planner that caters to both design enthusiasts and those who cherish the old-fashioned art of writing.

The boxyfont, buttery brown KraftBook sits at the convergence of nostalgia and design, promoting the joy of writing by hand, journaling and embracing the comfort of going offline to unwind.

From artists looking for motivation to writers jotting down their thoughts, it takes care of all, enabling you to unleash your imagination. Rediscover the pleasure of fine artist paper & writing, one sustainable page at a time in the boxyfont Kraftbook.

Journal Your Journeys with our Kraft Paper Diaries

Handmade Diaries : Your Perfect Travel Companion!

Our journeys define our stories. Each trip that you is worth recording into a book of memories. A keepsake from your travels that preserves those precious moments. At boxyfont, we wanted to design handmade diaries that speak to you. Crafted by local artisans and printed with artist authentic designs, these handmade diaries are great to carry in your backpack for your next trip!

The Kraftbook : Typefont Series is one such stationery series that has been crafted to keep the vintage charm alive. These unique Kraft notebooks are not just your plain old notebooks. They can easily become your very own DIY travel journal. With sturdy, handmade, 300 GSM Kraft paper covers and 130 GSM. Fine Artist Paper pages, these stylish Kraft paper diaries have also been made more sturdy and travel friendly with a shiny black closure band that makes it a safe space for your paper souvenirs, postcards and polaroids. Create your own travel journal by recording your day trips, food memories, tickets, stamps and anecdotes in our Kraft paper diaries. Stick, draw, color or doodle, these handmade diaries have pages that can be used for any of your creative projects.

The boxyfont Kraft paper diaries are called the Kraftbook because they are more special than your regular Kraft paper notebooks. The design is what sets them apart. There are many handmade diaries available in the market but what makes these Kraft paper diaries stand out is the quality and design of their covers. Printed with illustrations that are handsketched by our founder and artist, at the artist’s desk, in our quaint studio, the three designs in the Typefont Series of the Kraftbook, are based on a carefully curated theme i.e. old school poetry book illustrations. The two lines of poetry written in typewriter format and singular imagery on the covers, makes these handmade diaries unique.

The best part of using handmade Kraft paper diaries is the fact that they are more sturdy and because, each shade of Kraft paper is different from the other, in one lot, there can be multiple shades of buttery brown, thus making each Kraft paper diary different from the other. That is the beauty of Kraft paper. Slight variations make the product special. Each set of our handmade diaries may vary from their image, the texture, the color, giving it a special feel that machine produced notebooks do not have.

The Kraftbook is a great gifting option. Handmade diaries for corporates is difficult to procure. At boxyfont, creating customised, handmade diaries for gifting is a project we love to dive into! The leather bound diaries with company logos have become boring and monotonous, thus gifting handmade diaries for corporates has a newness that is yet to be explored. Be it New Year’s or Diwali, gifting handmade diaries for corporates, bundled together as a set or as a single customised diary, is a great solution that we provide. Connect with us to know more about the beauty of handmade diaries and bundles.

Check out our Kraftbook bundles to gift your loved ones the joy of writing in our handmade Kraft paper diaries and get in the habit of going offline!