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Unique Designer Notepads : Gifting the Joy of Writing

It feels great to wrap a meaningful present for someone who you know will cherish it and even better, use it everyday.

Discover creativity with our exclusive designer notepads bundles. BoxyFont offers a variety of stylish and functional options to elevate your note-taking experience.

Our bundled sets have been designed as a trio of designer notebooks and diaries that complete each capsule collection, is inspired by a single theme Which one is your favourite?

Gifting made Artistic with Boxyfont Bundles!

Premium Notebooks are usually synonymous with leather or plain official looking set of stationery. Gifting such plain old notepads and premium notebooks does not make for a memorable present.

At boxyfont, gift a bundle of classic and contemporary themed series and explore the joy of writing in more than one premium notebook, that is infused with style and art.

The perfect gift for someone who loves to write,sketch,doodle or dream, we have a premium notebook series crafted for everyone!

Bundled Sets of Art Infused Stationery

Gift the Joy of Writing, with Boxyfont’s Designer Notepads and Diaries.

There are a mix of designer notepads available in the market. Plain and overpriced to monotonous designed notebooks. Very few are crafted to promote art and design. At boxyfont, we have built a brand that wants to create designer notepads and diaries infused with hand sketched artwork, that is authentic and straight from our studio, giving you minimal design options coupled with quality and uniqueness.

Each bundle that you see on our website, is designed to focus on different creative aspects that you may choose from. From designer notepads to notebooks and diaries, creating each piece was like designing a capsule collection.Let’s start with our first series of our designer notepads and diaries.

The Draftbook - Modernist Series Bundle has been crafted to create pop and utilitarianism through a smartly sized memopad. These designer notepads are best suited for your work place or if you are someone who likes to scribble your to do list on the go, throughout the day. We try to make your multitasking look more stylish through our designer notepads. The illustrations that are handsketched by our founder and artist, for this particular series of designer notepads is more fluid and abstract. Each of the 3 designs has a common element that goes from the front cover to the back cover, creating a seamless artwork on thence boring and plain old memopads. The bundle is best for those who like to prioritise their task and create separate sections for their work and home chores. Check out more details of these designer notepads on the Draftbook page.

The Studiobook - Wilderness Series is another one of our favourite mini series of designer notepads. Well, you may want to categorise this particular one as a sketchbook for all those illustrators and doodlers who take inspiration from their daily journeys. Inspired by the classic novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, and our founder’s love for nature and wildlife, each sketch has been drawn to depict the textures that are signature to these animals. Printed on the colors of the forest, this series of our designer notepads are a great gift for anyone who loves to indulge in creative projects. The Fine Artist Paper in our Studiobook is great for all types of colors and inks. Check out the story of each one in their description boxes.

The Kraftbook - Typefont Series, is one of our best-selling designer notepads that have been crafted to suit your love for journaling. These journals are sturdy and provide that vintage charm, thus making this bundle one of kind with it’s handmade Kraft paper covers and beautiful black closure band, that makes it a tad bit special, perfect for a festive gift! Grab our Kraftbook Bundle of Journaling today!

The Storybook - A Tale of Three Cities, our No.1 best-selling designer notepads, that are big, white and printed with our signature hand sketched cityscapes are the perfect bundle for anyone who loves the feel of classic novels and is minimal and monochrome in his/her taste. Designed to look like novels, these big books are suitable for those who love to write, from recipe books to daily diaries or stories and poetry. Carry these with style and enjoy your love for writing with our Storybook Bundles.