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Our Draftbooks are a spin on the humble memo pads. A bit larger & a lot more stylish, best suited for your lists, drafts & reminders.

The Smart Sized Notebook + Memopad

The draftbook format of our #boxyfontbound notebooks , designed to be a block of pop coloured memopad , adds an abstract art aesthetic to the boardroom or your workspace.

Own it as an accessory and not just another notebook!

The Boxyfont Draftbook, a stylish notebook for work, is more than just a humble notepad! It is an amalgamation of fluid artworks inspired by abstract art and modern references to the art world. The first series titled “Modernist Series”, has one artwork that spreads across both covers, creating a visual experience for the user.

Plain old notepads are just utility based, however, the boxy font Draftbook is a designer notepad that is created to look different and check all the boxes in terms of being utilitarian. From your work desk to your notes on the go, these Draftbooks offer a chic concept to replace the plain old spiral notepad, giving a pop to monotonous meetings. Its off-white pages have been printed with soft grey lines for comfortable note-taking. Make your day brighter and don’t miss out on any important points, with our smart-sized eclectic Draftbooks!

A Stylish Notebook for Work

Pop + Pastel, Abstract Art, Ink Sketches, we mostly see artworks in an art galleries or as wall art and murals. However, has anyone wondered, that the most famous novels that we read have art printed on their covers. They do say that one should not judge a book by its cover but we do get attracted by the prints that we see on these books.

Boxyfont Studio has worked to create artistic journals and stylish notebooks for work as well as creative projects for design enthusiast across India, keeping in mind the fact that art can be infused into notebooks and journals that we carry with us throughout the day.

This is where the whole concept came into play. Why carry a dull notebook when you can make a style statement by carrying a stylish notepad. Why create art in plain old sketchbooks when you can doodle in artistic journals? Why not carry modern art inspired stylish notebooks for work?

Stylish Journals have become a staple for people in the social media age as it is a great escape to unwind and go offline, get closer to your mind and body and write for pleasure. When you have a stylish notepad, it becomes a part of your persona and you also want to keep picking it up and looking at it if it has a creative artwork on its cover.

Cover designs on artistic journals is something that is new and fresh in the market, and boxyfont aims at creating pieces of art with every artistic journal series that it brings to its customers. Inspired from the founder’s favourite novels, travel stories and nature, each series of our stylish journals is designed to cater to authors, designers, architects or an art lover who loves to collect stationery! Take for instance our Modernist Series Draftbooks, categorised in “the stylish notebooks for work” segment, is a series that is printed with contemporary designs that flow across both covers of this list-pad. It is sure to add a pop to your work desk.

“I never found notebooks that looked appealing. I always kept searching for a stylish notepad or a set of artistic journals that I could use for work or gift my loved ones. That’s when I felt that I should create designs that make notebooks and diaries look like classic storybooks and was inspired by my love for fiction and it’s characters. If you explore the story behind each cover art, you will see how each artistic journal, each stylish notepad is a part of a creative journey” - from the artist’s desk
#boxyfontbound notebooks and diaries are infused with artworks that are hand sketched at our homegrown studio. Your notebook will now look more like a storybook that you will love to write in, cuddle up with and maybe frame the cover, once you are done writing in its fine artist paper pages. Explore our mini series and choose your favourite set of stylish and artistic journals and notebooks. Add that art to your personal library or gift a set to your loved ones. Spread the joy of writing with boxyfont!