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The Pandemic came as a shock to the system, body mind and soul alike. Trapped inside our houses with nothing much to do, except work on the laptop, binge watch Netflix, or stay awake in anxiety. Reading and writing were the two things that transformed the lives of many, including mine, as we fidgeted with panic driven thoughts and sleepless nights.

Just like my thoughts on the Notebook Culture, journaling has become a safe haven for many. A habit that can help one to immerse themselves in 15 minutes of daily descriptive thinking by writing in a journal. Our notebooks have been designed with Cover Art that makes you want to pick it up again work and again, admire the artwork and uplift you to create stories and jot down thoughts from deep inside your soul.

We always design the cover of our diaries and notebooks, as a small capsule collection which focuses on one prominent theme, something that is unique and not a creation of mass digital production. There is a warmth and persona to each of our mini series notebooks that reminds you of that old smelling paperback novel with a pastel colored illustration and yellow stained pages imprinted with typewriter font. Perhaps, A Jane Austen Collectible?


Boxyfont Journal Juice

Writing in a notebook is meditative. Reading an old classic is therapeutic. A keystone habit that creates changes small and large, at times unknown, subconsciously, so to say, to your thinking process and life in general.
A notebook can act as a journal in your own preferred format. It will be even more creative for you to add your own sketches, mood boards, date notes etc. rather than get one of those fully printed ones that decide what you should fill on what page.

Our notebooks have blank pages. We advocate the sense of white space. There is something very satisfying to see ink flow through pages and pages of blankness, filling the void with whatever your mind recites, just like filling a ceramic cup with your favourite tea!

Why conform to the pre-designed format available in most journals. What if you do not want to write down your favourite 5 things to eat today and only wanted to jot down your next trip’s travel itinerary ?

Our Draftbook category is the only book in the whole collection that is created for your work desk with ruled lines and an old school memo pad feel. A bit more modern and artistic than the plain notepad with spiral binding across the spine.

Take our Kraftbook for instance, designed with a stark black closure band and 130+ GSM artist paper, bound together and covered with 300 GSM hand made Kraft paper, giving the notebook an earthy feel, perfectly matching tones with your cappuccino or chai latte! It’s not just a notebook, it is designed to be creatively used as a journal on the go, sturdy and rustic, with poetry like artwork and mini verses on the cover, making you want to being your journaling journey as soon as you flip the cover.

As an avid reader and stationery enthusiast myself, the aim of my brand was to promote the healthy habit of reading, sketching, writing and designing offline. Not on devices, which eventually, do need to be used if we manufacture products, but on a daily basis, it is much more healing to write down things on paper. Our handwriting, our essence is captured in notebooks since our childhood school days.

At boxyfont, our India printed and bound notebooks await your creative daily stories. Grab a pen or pencil and start journaling now!

So grab one of our India Printed Novel Like Notebooks and get inspired !

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