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Minimalism to the Max

Minimalism to the Max

For boxyfont, as a studio space of one artist, creating artworks and products that come in subscription packs from websites with vector files for free, was not the design theory. Artworks cannot be mass produced. Each notebook has been crafted as a capsule collection, beginning with a moodboard and finally imprinting it on the cover of each notebook.

The four basic categories within boxyfont i.e. the Draftbook, the Studiobook, the Kraftbook and the Storybook, have been designed for multipurpose creative schemes. For instance the Studiobook notebook is thick enough to double up as a sketchbook for a designer, with fine ivory paper acting as the perfect backdrop for every color scheme and intricacies of sketching.

Notebooks need not be used only for creative writing. At boxyfont, you judge a (note)book by its cover. The Storybook as the name suggest is a notebook that is big, fat and white, designed to imitate our favourite classic story books. These can function as your very own travel diary. These notebooks are perfect for sticking your travel bills, souvenir museum tickets, boarding passes etc. Create a complete travel series with three cityscape sketches of these notebook covers, will be a perfect addition to your library.

The “good vibes only” design culture that has penetrated almost every stationery or decor product line, is not what we at boxyfont get excited with. Just like designing a spring-summer collection of clothes, our mini series of notebooks have been carefully designed in-house & then printed & bound in India with the help of local artisans and machinery.

For something more personal, we are always open to creative ideas of collaboration to create gift sets or corporate gifts of notebook or journal bundles, that will in return promote our motive of celebrating writing in all its formats

Boxyfont Signature Ink Art

Our modernist series of the Draftbook, that is created from digital art, also handsketched, but on an iPad using the pen, is the only form of digital art that was used in the collection of our notebook cover stories. This too was not illustrated through vector design but by electronic pen and the artist’s hand.

All of our other series, have been intricately hand drawn on paper using only pigment liners and ink pens. There has been no usage of pencil to first create the drawing and then ink it afterwards. That for the artist, is like tracing over an already existing design, and thus is never used.
No Undo Button, No Eraser.

Once the ink drawing starts, if anything is a miss, the whole sketch is started from scratch, a tedious yet rewarding process. Our Signet Ink Sketches on each of our notebooks and journals, are therefore, our most prized possessions, art prints of which are available as commissioned custom orders.

The Storybook is therefore, the highlight of the collection, as it touches upon our most favourite design subject i.e. travel + architecture. Check out each notebook cover to discover how every city has its own charm and how we have tried to encapsulate the aspects of architecture, native to that particular place. The bundled set of the Storybook will make for the perfect gift for any seasoned traveler!

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