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Designer Artist Paper Notebooks Printed in India 


Write for the Mind

Remember the the Kindle? How many of us actually enjoyed the experience of glass pages being flipped by animation? No smell of paper, no feel of the binding across the book’s spine. Text color options and a coded bookmark. The truth is, nothing can replace our want for the physical form of books, diaries, notebooks or journals.

The weight of a notebook and the personal bond that you have with words jotted down in pen or paper, onto blank pages, fresh off the printing press, is something that technology is desperately trying to modify.

The Notebook Culture as we call it, defines the community that still yearns to write down things on the go. They are basically, blank novels for writers.
An iPad doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to creative writing, designing or journaling. It comes nowhere close to the old school notebook, with its pages bound by different techniques (hardbound, paperbacks, or thread binding to give it a vintage look). Notebooks will always be an essential literary medium just like storybooks and magazines.

Going Offline

The mind is continuously focusing on screen based content. The new generation is obsessed with taking in information from their devices. At boxyfont, we are trying to bring back the importance of writing in notebooks and using offline materials and methods to let your mind wander off and get creatively enhanced.
When you use a notebook to write things down, it gets imprinted in your memory more than when you copy paste things from the internet onto software based writing mediums.

We are still surprised how AI is being promoted to create art. Does it really awe inspire you as much as a framed art print on a wall in a gallery or a museum? Does a word document bring back the same ideas as a journal with the details of your daily journey?

Our draftbook, for instance, is designed to easily fit in your bag so that you can note down your reminders, MOM’s or lists on the go and keep it safely in one place, rather than taking out your phone and listing things down, which eventually increases your screen time and decreases the strength of your spine.
We have also craftily designed these stylish notebooks for work, with pop colors and modern artworks, breaking the mundane look of those spiral bound notetakers, piled up in a corner of your nearest stationery store.

Promoting the notebook culture will lead to increase in the daily writing habit of young and old alike. Our designer notebooks are crafted for anyone who wants to take a break from technology and really focus on writing or sketching; yes, our hand sketched designer notebooks are bound with 130+ GSM fine ivory paper that is artist friendly!

The essence of a notebook is in the blotches of ink and the words that an author strikes through when they think of something else that might suit the line better. The pages of a notebook, yellow with time, stained with coffee, creates an environment for better writing.
So grab one of our India Printed Novel Like Notebooks and get inspired !

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